Day-to-day stressors aren’t going anywhere, but you can…

build resilience to everyday stress

Stress resiliency guide Fifth Dimension Wellness

Become more resilient to your real life stress

At work and at home, day-to-day stressors aren’t going anywhere…

You CAN become more resilient to them by discovering practices that support and help cultivate better mental wellness in your life.

Are you ready to be present and finally experience more joy?

Balance: Blending Eastern & Western Wellness Techniques

The primary techniques I use are yoga, stress resiliency and mental wellness coaching, and group talks or workshops.

My approach comes from a unique blend of both Eastern (yoga/meditation and mental wellness coaching) and Western (pharmacy) knowledge and experience.

I believe that everyone has the capacity for growth, and I love teaching people how to make space for this expansion!

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Personalized for your wellness needs

I pride myself in customizing services and packages to meet your needs. I am always willing to discuss personalized packages of the services I offer.

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Yoga Classes

Prioritize mindfulness and movement with in-person or virtual yoga classes. Take a group class, get a more personalized approach in a private class to fit your style and needs, or plan a private group/corporate yoga for you and your people!

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Stress Resilience & Mental Wellness Coaching

I’ll guide you on this journey into self discovery, empowerment, and change. Together we’ll take a deeper look at life factors impacting your goals. You choose the path, and I facilitate growth and provide accountability.

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Talks & Workshops

Choose a focused discussion, active program, or a balance of both, in-person or virtual. These are for groups who desire the knowledge and skills on various mental wellness topics.

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Ready to get started?

    Simply fill out my contact form! I’ll get in touch to discuss ideas on how I can better serve you in your strengths, interests, goals, and needs. 

    Yoga: movement & stillness

    When we think about asanas (yoga postures), we think about movement. When we think about meditation, stilling the mind, and mental wellness, it’s common to envision the opposite  – sitting or lack of movement.

    So how is yoga good for the mind?

    Yoga is beneficial for our mental wellness because, by moving our bodies through the postures, we are stilling our minds. Yoga is a dynamic meditation.

    I fell in love with yoga over 10 years ago as a means to manage stress during pharmacy school. I believe that everyone can reap the many amazing mental wellness benefits that yoga has to offer!

    Charlotte Wrzesinski Wellness coach and yoga instructor
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    Stress and the state of mental UN-wellness has a way of blocking out other positive emotions:

    desire, joy, motivation, etc. You just sort of feel… blah.

    Maybe you are so deeply engulfed in stress that you can’t even think about a way to lessen its effects. Or perhaps you are doing “ok,” but you’re on a mission to feel your best.

    Coaching allows you to take hold of your life.

    I help my clients discover ways that work FOR THEM to manage stress, cultivate stress resilience, and build better mental wellness so they can start truly living.

    Hi, I’m Charlotte!

    I wear many hats and understand everyday, real-life stress.

    I am a mom, wife, pharmacist, yoga and meditation instructor, and mental wellness coach. I started focusing on wellness after having my second child as a means to manage stress, improve my own overall state of wellbeing, and become more balanced.

    My transformation was so powerful that I made it my mission to help others achieve and maintain wellness in their lives.

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    Everyone has the right to feel so much better than “fine.”

    Charlotte Wrzesinski Oconomowoc Yoga instructor
    Charlotte Wrzesinski Wellness coach

    Kind words
    from clients


    Charlotte is an amazing yoga instructor. She has such wonderful positivity and is so much fun to work with. Her private yoga sessions helped me regain strength to my lower back and core post c-section. Her classes are a perfect mix of energy, relaxation, and joy.

    - Katie S.

    I have done several of the yoga sessions through Fifth Dimension Wellness taught by Charlotte, and after each one I always feel so much better physically and mentally! I am a big distance runner and have always enjoyed being active in general. I love how the classes challenge me to work different muscle groups but also how much better I feel after! I have done other yoga classes before, but if I can make these sessions work in my schedule I do it. I would highly recommend everyone do more yoga and truly recommend doing the sessions with Charlotte. The flow, the energy, the movements are always helping my achy runner body.

    - Mychelle E.

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    Amare products

    Gut health is an important missing link in our journey to greater stress resilience and mental wellness.

    Gut health can affect our state of mind, stress resilience, mood, focus/clarity, and more. Your gut and your mind are inextricably connected.

    Amare cuts out all of the junk

    Amare is a phenomenal tool I offer my clients to support this missing link. I have a lot of personal experience with the products as well, so the whole line is my go-to when my clients are thinking about various levels of mental wellness support.

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