12 Days of Digital Decluttering: Challenge for December 2022

We often think about clutter as being physical. Too much clutter = an overfull, sometimes frazzled mind. But not all clutter is physical. Many of us have quite a bit of digital clutter too. Trust me, I know this from experience.

In honor of the 12 Days of Christmas, I created a 12 Days of Digital Decluttering Challenge.

The challenge is designed to take a MAXIMUM of 10 minutes each day, with the idea being that this type of commitment is doable. In case you’re curious, I have Apple devices, but you don’t need to have Apple electronics to do this challenge.

It’s difficult for us mentally to start something and not finish it (regardless of what your significant other says!)

Breaking up larger tasks into bite-sized pieces allows you to get SOMETHING done instead of waiting for the “right” time to get EVERYTHING done. Make sure to set a timer- when you’re done, you’re done. Don’t let one day deter you from taking the next day’s challenge because you didn’t stop, and it took too long.

However… maybe you’re already a rockstar with managing your digital clutter and this won’t really be that much of a challenge. But I am guessing that you’ve read this far because you have some digital clutter you’re anxious to go through.

Whatever type of digital baggage you carry, here it is.

Your 12 Days of Digital Decluttering Challenge:

Day 1: Create folders for your screenshots so you know where to find them. For example: “Recipe Ideas,” “DIY,” “Upcoming Dates/Events,” “To Do,” etc…

Day 2: 10 minutes of screenshot deleting. If you’re not a big screenshot-er, this one will be quick!

Day 3: 10 minutes of going through and deleting or condensing notes in your phone. 

Day 4: Think about how long you actually reference past text messages. Go into your phone settings, and under message history, choose how long you want to keep them. After you adjust the setting, they’ll delete after the specified time period.

Day 5: Clear out your cookies. (And make room for more! lol ehhh) On an iPhone, go into settings, safari, then scroll down and hit “Clear History and Website Data.”

Day 6: Create folders for your emails, much like you did for the screenshots on day 1.

Day 7: 10 minutes of old email deleting. To get you started, purge digital coupons that have expired, old invitations, newsletters you no longer need to reference, sales that are over, point balance notifications, password reset emails, and past conversations.

Day 8: Empty the trash (by whatever name it goes by) on your phone: deleted photos, notes, emails, etc. Check your computer too!

Day 9: Close all of those tabs on your browser!

Day 10: I bet you have a bunch of apps that you literally NEVER use anymore. Just get rid of them.

Day 11: Work on the 3 C’s: complete, condense, or cut checklists that don’t matter anymore. Identify one of the things that’s been on your checklist forever because you just don’t want to do it. Write it on a Post-it, and do it today or tomorrow.

Day 12: Do you have a visual voicemail on your phone? If so, go through the messages and delete any that are just sitting there, taking up space. Respond to messages that require action or do as above: put it on a Post-it.

After going through this list, maybe you’ll even make some new habits. Putting systems in place to prevent or keep up with digital clutter will save you the stress and time later. I’d love to hear how you feel after completing this 12 day challenge!
Thanks for reading.

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