3 Key Back-to-School Tips for Keeping You Sane and Minimizing Stress

I wanted to get these to you sooner, but to be 100% honest, I was busy with following my own advice… Oh, and I was traveling. Always traveling :)

This list is entirely based on things I’ve done wrong in the past that you can do right. (I am happy to say that I learn from my mistakes, and this back-to-school season I’ve done well!)

Without further ado, here are my 3 Key Back-to-School Tips for Keeping You Sane and Minimizing Stress:

No. 1

Don’t shop for school supplies at the last minute. Just don’t. You’ll end up running around like a chicken with your head cut off to different places that have the necessary supplies in stock or are able to ship it to you on time.

Bonus tip #1: My kids love school supplies, so I let them know in advance if I’ve ordered or already purchased something- expectations are so important! I don’t need them breaking into anything in July and having to purchase it again when we go through everything at the start of school.

Bonus tip #2: I’m not sure why so many people buy new backpacks every year. I find this unnecessary from both a budget and sustainability standpoint. We have our kids use their backpacks for several grades. Just make sure to buy a good quality one (we like Dakine.)

No. 2

Go through all of their clothing, and pull out items that are too small. Now you won’t be tempted towards, “Just throw it on, it’s clean,” when rushing in the morning. This will also save you from any embarrassing contact from school that your daughter’s skirt is too short. Oops.

Bonus tip: Repurpose any clothing with large stains or holes. (Need a household, boat, or garage rag? How about cutting them apart and using for art or craft projects?) Organize the remaining stuff into categories, and sell or donate to a friend, family member, or good cause.

No. 3

Try to avoid signing them up for every sport or activity under the sun. I completely agree that children need to experiment with participation in different activities in order to discover something that clicks or something they feel passionately about. But… what I don’t agree with is enrolling them all in several different activities throughout the week (that they must cram into their after-school time and that leave you feeling like you’re hanging on for dear life from the outside of a high-speed train.)

I’ve had some mom friends state that they are doing it for their kids, but I’ll point out to them this fact:

they’re burned out.

And that is not safe nor is it nourishing for the family.

This also begs the question: Is it healthy for children to be in a constant state of “on?” The world is a busy place, and although as parents we have our kids’ best interests in mind, should we be piling all of the things- even good things- onto their little shoulders? I’m personally a fan of 1-2 activities per kid during a given time period, which encompasses only 1-2 short time blocks per week. For example, this past May, Tenlie had dance on Mondays for 45 minutes and Brody had taekwondo for 30 minutes, also on Mondays. To me, that is very manageable. If it works for them to be in the same extracurricular at the same time, even better!

Do you agree? What barriers or questions do you have for these methods? As always, let me know where I can help!
Thanks for reading.

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