A Blog??

Ever since I was a child, I Ioved writing.

Writing on my terms, that is. When given a writing assignment, it was absolutely one of my least favorite types of homework. I never enjoyed someone telling me a particular topic I HAD to write on, or a particular style in which I HAD to write. I almost always was graded very well on them- I just disliked every minute of the process.

What I did love though, was expressing myself through writing.

I wrote countless stories (with illustrations, because I also loved drawing.) When I got older and had girlfriends over to hang out, we’d write. At that time in our lives, it would often be stories involving boys we liked. Sometimes we’d write about inside jokes we had, cracking ourselves up as we read them aloud to ourselves and our other friends. We’d also write together in this fashion: One person would start the story, write until the timer went off, and then the story would continue in the other person’s words. We’d even write parodies to popular songs. To this day, I always think of the “remake” when I hear those songs. It was such great fun!

There are so many reasons to write.

I am a big proponent of journaling. There are so many therapeutic benefits of journaling, so many mental wellness benefits. There are even many different styles of journaling. But if I’m being 100% honest, although I do have a practice, journaling isn’t my writing of choice. Everyone has their favorites.

My favorite reason to write is for others. It makes me feel good to write, knowing that someone will read my words and…

-feel happy or inspired

-learn something


-find a solution to a problem

-be entertained (??)

Having a blog is like having my own little corner of cyberspace, my blank whiteboard. Love it or leave it, but I hope that you find some value in what I write!

Thanks for reading.

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Yoga instructor and mental wellness coach Charlotte Wrzesinski

Hi, I'm Charlotte!

I wear many hats and understand everyday, real-life stress.

I am a mom, wife, pharmacist, yoga and meditation instructor, and mental wellness coach. I started focusing on wellness after having my second child as a means to manage stress, improve my own overall state of wellbeing, and become more balanced.

My transformation was so powerful that I made it my mission to help others achieve and maintain wellness in their lives.

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