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Feeling empowered and inspired starts within you!

My goals are your goals.

I love hearing about every part of your journey. I am honored when you entrust me with your life stories of hardships and of successes. And building a relationship with you makes what I do worthwhile.

Watching you grow on your path to greater wellness matters to me. Feeling inspired and empowered starts within you, and I love helping you tap into your personal potential. My goals are your goals.

stress will always exist. That isn’t changing.

Stress takes a toll on your ability to experience joy. It affects relationships. But the goal is NOT to eliminate stress from your life but rather change how you respond to it.

Hey, I’m Charlotte Wrzesinski

I’ve experienced so many different types of stress:
  • school and workplace-related stress
  • the stress of being a new mom and parenting in general
  • stress that comes from being a perfectionist
  • overwhelm due to taking on too much, etc.

An intense desire grew within me to learn anything and everything about mental wellness. Over time I learned that wellness needs to be approached from a multifactorial perspective.


Wellness is not one-dimensional.

I help you unlock your wellness code.

I use meaningful, step-wise goals to work you towards your more deep-seated and long-term goals. I don’t rely upon quick fixes. Rather, I focus on improving mental wellness, which spills over to so many other areas of your life.

Your prescription for greater wellness begins here:

I’m not your average pharmacist!

Blending Eastern & Western Wellness Techniques

I have my doctorate and over 10 years of experience as a pharmacist, but I also have additional training and years working in holistic wellness. Together, these experiences allow me to offer more towards the whole picture of what influences our mental wellness.

  • Doctor of Pharmacy, UW Madison 2011 (PharmD)
  • Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, The Yoga Collective 2020 (RYT-200)
  • 5 credit hours of training in teaching private yoga, Shayna Hiller 2021
  • Certified Mental Wellness Coach, Functional Food Institute 2021 (CMWC)

About Fifth Dimension Wellness

In 2017, I started working with clients on building better mental wellness through improved gut health.

I have a deep understanding of how the body and mind work. I comprehend the dynamics of and interplay between individual and external factors at a healthcare professional level and as an expert in my field.

I believe in starting at the root, the fundamental core of wellness.

It’s prevention from becoming “Unwell”

Working as a pharmacist, I see many people because they “end up UNwell.” Sometimes they don’t know how to go about becoming well. I’ve always enjoyed and valued education, so teaching people who are receptive, desire greater wellness, and are open to change became my mission.

I believe in a positive future. A future that allows my children and yours to experience full, joyful lives, comprised of connection, curiosity, potential, and simple pleasures. The future requires greater mental wellness in the world, and it is important to me that I am part of this larger goal.

grow your personal wellness regimen with Fifth Dimension Wellness

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Yoga Classes

Prioritize mindfulness and movement with in-person or virtual yoga classes. Take a group class, get a more personalized approach in a private class to fit your style and needs, or plan a private group/corporate yoga for you and your people!

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Stress Resilience & Mental Wellness Coaching

I’ll guide you on this journey into self discovery, empowerment, and change. Together we’ll take a deeper look at life factors impacting your goals. You choose the path, and I facilitate growth and provide accountability.

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Talks & Workshops

Choose a focused discussion, active program, or a balance of both, in-person or virtual. These are for groups who desire the knowledge and skills on various mental wellness topics.

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Not sure where to start?

    That’s ok! I can help you navigate the options. We’ll match your strengths, interests, goals, and needs to find a plan that’s right for you!
    Get to know me.

    I love my work, but I also love…


    It brings me so much joy to explore new places and meet new people. Getting a true sense of my destination and the local culture is the best!


    I’m ALWAYS creating something healthy in my kitchen. I’m also a shameless foodie. I’m the one taking pics of the beautiful food and drink when I go out.


    I have many plant babies, and I garden year-round, indoors and outdoors. I also love foraging, so I can be found rooting around in nature for something I can bring home to my dinner table.

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    I am serious about loving life, but at the same time, I believe that life shouldn’t be taken so seriously. We should all be able to feel happy and have fun. See how I bring this into my life by giving me a follow.

    Kind words
    from clients

    Charlotte is an amazing yoga instructor. She has such wonderful positivity and is so much fun to work with. Her private yoga sessions helped me regain strength to my lower back and core post c-section. Her classes are a perfect mix of energy, relaxation, and joy.

    - Katie S.

    I have done several of the yoga sessions through Fifth Dimension Wellness taught by Charlotte, and after each one I always feel so much better physically and mentally! I am a big distance runner and have always enjoyed being active in general. I love how the classes challenge me to work different muscle groups but also how much better I feel after! I have done other yoga classes before, but if I can make these sessions work in my schedule I do it. I would highly recommend everyone do more yoga and truly recommend doing the sessions with Charlotte. The flow, the energy, the movements are always helping my achy runner body.

    - Mychelle E.

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