Why Fifth Dimension Wellness?

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Because wellness isn’t one-dimensional…

I was recently asked if there was a meaning behind my business name. I didn’t have a super personal reason for naming it Fifth Dimension Wellness. I liked the ring. It was one of a few I had narrowed things down to. I had to mentally dig back a few years to think about this deeper. Why did I pick that name? Where did I come up with it? Reflecting on this, a memory hit me. Then it started to come back.

(Side note: I just found out that apparently there actually IS a fifth dimension. It kinda blew my mind since I thought I made it up. Google it for some real mind-blowing.)

A bit of background

To give a tiny bit of background, I am a pharmacist, and I received my doctorate from UW Madison in Wisconsin. My college education is largely based on Western medicine. To say I learned a lot in pharmacy school- years and years of education- would be an understatement. But one really important thing that pharmacy school taught me was HOW to learn. How to critically examine information, process it, draw conclusions, and sometimes come up with new questions.

An important take home is that there is no magic pill.

We can’t live quality lives by constantly Band-Aiding. We need to first tackle the roots of wellness and to take a multifactorial approach to optimizing our health.

Wellness ISN’T one-dimensional.

It is made up of predisposing factors, layers, and interrelated mechanisms.

I needed to be part of the health promotion side of things in some vital way. Hence, Fifth Dimension Wellness was born.

Fast forward to today

More than 10 years later. Add in a family, years of professional experience in a variety of settings, and LOTS of education- both traditional and self-taught. I’ve found that blend of Eastern and Western medicine, now a registered yoga and meditation instructor and certified mental wellness coach as well. I work with people who desire and choose to make positive changes in their lives.

Those who desire a well-rounded approach to wellness.

Those who also believe wellness isn’t one-dimensional.

Thanks for reading.

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Yoga instructor and mental wellness coach Charlotte Wrzesinski

Hi, I'm Charlotte!

I wear many hats and understand everyday, real-life stress.

I am a mom, wife, pharmacist, yoga and meditation instructor, and mental wellness coach. I started focusing on wellness after having my second child as a means to manage stress, improve my own overall state of wellbeing, and become more balanced.

My transformation was so powerful that I made it my mission to help others achieve and maintain wellness in their lives.

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