Manage stress with

group & private yoga

Manage stress and be more present in your daily life with yoga

I discovered yoga over 10 years ago, when life’s demands led me to search for ways to manage my stress, be more present, and feel more joyful.

If you desire greater stress resilience, explore the positive impacts yoga could have on your life.

I offer a variety of class styles to fit your needs and schedule:

A UNION of body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga is fundamentally different from just “working out” or exercising. The strength-building, cardio, muscle toning, joint mobility, and other physical aspects of yoga are great for the body. But the amazing and seemingly endless positive effects on the mind are unmatched. When you grow in your yoga practice, your mental strength grows as well.


Ready to get started?

I teach group classes each month, both in-person at fun, local spots and virtually. And I offer private yoga to fit your schedule.

Having a regular yoga and meditation practice may:
  • help you manage stress and anxiety by teaching your mind how to focus on and stay in the present moment
  • improve your balance on the mat and in your daily life, both physically and mentally
  • cultivate better self-relaxation techniques
  • improve your mood and increase positive emotions
  • increase your energy levels
  • result in greater creativity, inspiration, and motivation
  • ease or prevent muscle tightness and joint pain
  • help your mind and body in so many other ways too!

Beginner to expert: classes that are great for all levels of yogi 

My classes have a strong focus on mindfulness, stress resilience, and overall mental wellness. Many of my classes are great for all levels of yogi, with options given throughout for varying degrees of challenge. 

If you are curious about what a class will look like, check the description of each group yoga class.

Fifth Dimension Wellness Private Yoga & coaching Packages

When it comes to growth and change, there is no “magic pill”

A multifactorial approach is essential for developing stress resilience and mental wellness. I offer a combination of services at a discounted package rate, created with just this in mind.



Coaching (Clarity + 6 Check-In sessions)


  • 8 private virtual yoga sessions – 1 hr
  • Healthy dinner assessment and planning for 1 month (3-5 recipes per week)
  • Access to any of my group classes for 6 months from the date of purchase (a $240 value)



Coaching (Clarity + 6 Check-In sessions)


  • 8 private virtual yoga sessions – 1 hr
  • Access to any of my group classes for 3 months from the date of purchase (a $120 value)



Coaching (Clarity + 3 Check-In sessions)


  • 8 private virtual yoga sessions – 1 hr



Coaching (Clarity + 3 Check-In sessions)


  • 4 private virtual yoga sessions – 1 hr

Private group Yoga

Starting at $150

All of your people, together in one place, connecting through movement and mindfulness.

The energy shared in this experience brings people closer and strengthens existing relationship bonds. Private yoga for your group really brings it! I listen to your visualization for the event and then customize, consult, and plan to match your ideas. 

Yoga for the workplace

Bring your team together with an event that promotes mental wellness and healthy interpersonal relationships.

The gradual trend towards focusing on employee mental wellness makes sense on so many levels, both on the leadership and employee side.

Coworkers build invaluable skills to cultivate balance on and off the mat. Yoga is a perfect way to offer mental and physical wellness benefits for your workplace!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m just getting started. Do I need a yoga mat?

A yoga mat is great, but honestly, a beach or large bath towel works too. This is a judgment-free zone!

I’ve never done yoga before. Can I take classes with you?

One of my favorite things about being a yoga and meditation instructor is sharing this gift with those who have yet to experience it.

Private yoga sessions are one great place to start. If you have a certain group class offering in mind, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask if I’d recommend it for a beginner.

How much do you charge for 1:1 private yoga sessions?

It really depends on a number of different factors. Length of the session, location, time of day, and virtual versus in-person are some things that affect pricing. I am willing to discount purchases of multiple sessions.

Single, virtual sessions start at $68.

I am new to an exercise routine. Would I be able to handle the intensity of your group classes?

I offer modifications and different layers throughout, and I teach my students to move through the class in a way that feels right in their bodies.

Generally speaking, my classes tend towards the more “physically demanding” end of the spectrum but often follow a crescendo then decrescendo flow. This means they are usually most intense during the middle of class versus throughout the entire class.

Check the class description– this will give an idea of what a particular class will be like. Always feel free to shoot me an email for an honest opinion. Private yoga is another option!

I'm recovering from an injury. Can I still do yoga?

 There are many different injuries where the right type of yoga practice can actually be beneficial for your recovery.

In the case of a prior or “old” injury, there are often modifications to your yoga practice that we can discuss ahead of time.

If there ever is a concern, I ask that you never hesitate to bring it up because an enjoyable, safe practice for you is my goal.

Additionally, if you’re working with a healthcare practitioner, I always recommend checking with them first.

I want to attend one of your classes, but I have kids and don’t have a babysitter.

A virtual group class or private session may be a great option for you!

If you don’t mind your kids hanging out while you practice and you can still get what you’d like out of yoga, that’s totally fine by me.

I take group classes myself with the kids around- they’ve learned to respect Mom’s “yoga time.”

During a group class, I ask my students to mute their microphones if they anticipate any background noise

I have a HSA/FSA card. Can I use this to pay for private yoga sessions?

That is a great question. All of the programs are completely different. I would recommend contacting your plan to find out what they allow. If they do allow the card to be used for private yoga, make sure to find out if there are any parameters that surround approval and what documentation is required.

I am pregnant. Can I practice yoga?

The short answer is that yes, many pregnant women do safely practice yoga.

I do not teach prenatal yoga classes, but those with an existing yoga practice are generally able to continue practicing with modifications and an “ok” from the OB.

I check in with pregnant students prior to taking a class or private session to ensure their practice is safe for Mom and Baby.

Kind words
from clients

Charlotte is an amazing yoga instructor. She has such wonderful positivity and is so much fun to work with. Her private yoga sessions helped me regain strength to my lower back and core post c-section. Her classes are a perfect mix of energy, relaxation, and joy.

- Katie S.

When I heard that Charlotte was starting to teach yoga classes, I knew how beneficial they would be for me. Sitting at a desk every day in front of a computer for work takes a toll on my body like it does for many people. Not only do her classes help me physically, but they also have helped me mentally be able to focus more and help manage my day-to-day stress. For each private yoga class, Charlotte asks what I want to focus on and tailors the class to target this, which has been so helpful. Charlotte is a great yoga teacher, and her passion for helping others is evident. I would highly recommend working with Charlotte and can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

- Anna V.

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