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mental strength & fitness coaching

Want to take hold of your resilience to stress or mental wellness but feel lost?

I love being the guide on your mental strength and fitness journey!

Stress resiliency coaching
Learn skills for managing stress more effectively.

Mindset and mental wellness coaching
Unlock positive mindset, habits, and routines to experience greater joy.

Stress Resilience coach Charlotte Wrzesinski

“Start low, go slow”

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Numerous or major lifestyle changes all at once usually aren’t sustainable. I take a “start low, go slow,” go at your own pace approach with my clients so you get to commit to what works with your life. You choose how quickly you grow and adopt changes into your routine.

Clearing mental space at the beach
Wellness journey guide

What is coaching like?

We start with ideas and options
Knowledge of what to do next is within you already. I act as an “observer” who has your best interests in mind. Together we discuss what can aid clarity of mind and self-empowerment.

We take a deeper look and make a plan
Asking a lot of questions helps us figure out what you are prepared to take on in order to reach your goals, and then I facilitate that.


You may be thinking you already know what YOU need to do to improve your resilience to stress
Hiring a coach adds accountability but also gives a fresh look from a separate set of eyes.

Working with a coach can alter the way you think about making changes in your life. While having routine check-ins adds prioritization of your goals.

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Fifth Dimension Wellness Coaching Packages

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Clarity Package

$149 a la carte

For those who:

  • prefer a self-guided journey
  • enjoy self-accountability but desire an objective perspective to help guide them in the right direction


  • 15 min Empowerment Zoom call
  • baseline Stress Assessment Questionnaire or Mental Fitness Assessment Questionnaire
  • discussion of and PDF containing personalized and specific recommendations for improving stress resiliency or mindset and mental wellness
  • professional referrals when desired and applicable

Check-In Package

(follow-up to Clarity Package)

$50 a la carte

For those who: desire objective accountability


  • 30 min Accountability Zoom call
  • assessment of progress on goals and revision or reformatting as needed
  • personalized accountability that changes with you

Combo Packages

Added savings!

Option one:

Clarity + 3 Check-In coaching sessions

Option two:

Clarity + 6 Check-In coaching sessions

Includes a bonus commitment assessment

experiencing low level stress is still unwell stress
“not that bad” stress is still unwell stress
I am a firm believer in a more “preventative” approach.

By taking earlier action… it’s often easier to make changes, it can be more cost-effective than waiting until things get worse, and you may prevent landing in that undesirable place that tends to follow “moderately stressed or mentally UNwell.”

Get started with stress resilience +

Kind words from clients

When I reached out to Charlotte for help, I knew that I was headed towards burnout. My pursuit of perfection always left me feeling like I was coming up short. I felt so overwhelmed with trying to tackle everything that I felt stuck and didn’t know where to start. I had thoughts like: I’m not as healthy as I should be. I am not as good of a wife, mom, PA, friend, etc as I could be if I just had more time. If I only had 4 extra hours every day, then I could get everything done and be satisfied. Feeling like I was constantly grinding to just complete tasks every day was truly exhausting, and I lost a sense of myself- what are my passions, my purpose? Through guided journaling, time for reflection, and follow-up calls with Charlotte, I realized some very important truths for myself. If you are on the fence, please consider working with Charlotte! She is very laid back, a great listener, easy to talk to, and always leaves me feeling inspired that I can make positive changes.
- Nikki J.

coaching at a coffee shop in Oconomowoc, WI
Certified mental wellness coach Charlotte Wrzesinski

Frequently Asked Questions

What office hours do you have available for appointment scheduling?
My schedule varies and is flexible so I work with you to schedule a time that works for us both. This lends itself to accessibility for clients working full-time or in different time zones.
I don’t live in your area. Do you work with clients virtually?
Yes! All of my documents and forms are electronic, and appointments take place via Zoom.
What if we determine that I would benefit from more than just coaching?
I offer other products and services as well. These are described on my website but are also something we could discuss further during an appointment. Additionally, I keep a list of trusted referrals when desired and applicable.
I think I already know what I need to do to improve my resilience to stress (or mental wellness.) What would hiring you to be my coach add?
That is actually a great place to start! Asking this question may mean that you might need a little something extra to jumpstart your journey. Hiring a coach not only adds accountability but expands self-assessment to include a fresh look from a separate set of eyes. From a purely psychological standpoint, paying for a service can alter the way you think about making changes in your life. Having someone who holds you accountable and monetary exchange for routine check-ins also affects the order of importance (prioritization) of your goals.

Ready to embark on this journey?

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