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Lindsay is a 35 year old wife and mom of 2 kids- a boy and a girl. She works as a nurse at her local hospital. Despite loving her knowledge and career as a nurse, she’s stressed out about the working conditions and bureaucracy of it all.

She feels like she has to work to use her education and that she should help contribute money to the family. She also fears losing her nursing knowledge and skillset if she left completely. So, she keeps working at the hospital because it’s ok. She likes her coworkers for the most part anyway. Oh yea, the health insurance… Lindsay’s husband is self-employed, and as a regular part-time employee, she holds the insurance.

They love to be active outdoors, be social, and do things together as a family (when they aren’t working.) They’re getting the kids involved in some of the stuff they enjoy but trying not to overwhelm all of their schedules, so they’ve adopted a “start low and go slow” mindset.

Lindsay’s husband is passionate about his work, but he works such long hours. Then, when Lindsay has to work, they don’t see each other. It’s hard trading time for money. They both put in extra hours to keep both workplaces “all good,” but it ends up cutting into their family time.

They always talk about moving to the mountains. That’s a happy place for them and their hobbies. So much to do all year round- hiking, biking, swimming, camping, snowshoeing, skiing, dining (they’re big foodies and love trying the newest place- as long as there are plenty of vegan options for Lindsay), farmers’ markets, foraging, you name it! Lindsay’s husband says they could go there more or move there if she supported the family with her “flexible career.” Lindsay does not want to go back to working full time as a nurse though, so they pretty much stay put. The weekends kind of suck- Lindsay works every 3rd, which is when her husband doesn’t work. Man, that job is really Lindsay’s main stressor in life. If only she wasn’t tied to it, they could do more stuff that they loved as a family. 

I guess Lindsay is kind of like me… She’s kind of normal with a “normal” stress level. She lives healthy and wants more family time.

Do you know anyone who could be Lindsay as well?

I find that it’s important to help the “healthy stressed.” It can be easy to carry on like this until something tips us into “burnout” territory. Learning to become more resilient and being held accountable for it can be valuable when needing to access knowledge, skills, and resources to manage day-to-day stress.

Thanks for reading.

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