Mental wellness is contagious – let’s spread it!

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Interpersonal connection starts with the individual

The effects of stress and negative emotions can spread between people. What if I could teach you and your group ways that could help all of you become more stress resilient and open to positive emotions?

Ever work as part of a group where the morale was high?

It feels so good to want to go to work and do a great job.  


Let’s Plan your wellness event!

After you complete the contact form to get started, here is what will happen:

Step One

We’ll work together to choose your topic:

  • mental wellness
  • stress resilience
  • gut health
  • custom topic

Step Two

Decide on a style:

  • active workshop
  • discussion
  • class
  • custom style

Step Three

Choose your location.
We can do virtual or in-person- I come to you!

Step Four

Prepare for your event.
We will review and maintain contact through the end of your event to ensure that it meets your vision.

Plan and create your event today!

Click to get started below, and complete the contact form.

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I love leading inspiring mental wellness events!

I’ve led numerous events in a wide variety of settings. Each event creates an open, safe space for learning.

Past events I’ve led include:

  • Mindful Break
  • Self-Care Saturday
  • Teacher Time-Out
  • Moms and Mental Wellness
  • Prescription to Health: Mindful Cooking Class
  • Mind-Gut Workshop
  • Fall into Healthy Habits
  • Prioritizing Mental Wellness in a Fast-Paced World
  • Secrets to Stress Resilience

It’s so fun to get creative with you.

I’m honored to help your group gain important knowledge and learn valuable skills to improve wellness in a laid-back setting. We can all benefit from greater mental wellness. 

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Kind words from clients

I thoroughly enjoyed Charlotte’s presentation on good mental health practices. She came in and gave relatable information with proof from experiences in her own life. As much as it was a presentation, she took the time to discuss and answer all of our questions. She left us all thinking about ways we need to change our day-to-day practices to allow more health and growth. I highly recommend Charlotte and Fifth Dimension Wellness to anyone looking to bring a relatable, informative, and easy to understand presentation to their business or group!
- Jamie S.

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